Friday, December 24, 2010

The Winner of our Giveaway!

Congratulations to commenter number: TEN! You are the winner of our 1st giveaway! You'll be receiving RM100 worth of ala-carte design voucher.

Princess Cindellyna, please email to claim your prize.

Anyway, I'm offering a Rm30 ala carte design voucher to another 2 random commentors:

ImanMom and Siamesecatz, please email to claim your prize.

Thank you so much for all your support. Please continue to spread the word about CGP and we shall come back in the future with more giveaway!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wednesday Features: Eyes of Grace

It's been a while since we last post the entry on Wednesday Features. It was our bad that we submitted the question quite late and everything seemed to be on hold.

This week, the WF is back with another renowned photographer who's eyes are incredible at capturing babies and kids. She has witnessed most of CGP works even before we officially started the business! Here's some of the photos of CGP works that she managed to capture so beautifully:

Alright, time to get to know the owner of Eyes of Grace better!

CGP: Tell us briefly about yourself.

EOG: My full name is Siti Zubaidah Rusli but people call me Zubye – pronounce as Zubai. Number 4th from 9, I was born and grown up in a very warm hearted & loving family (that contributes a lots to my personality today). Leaf , stick and glue are among my favorites ‘toys’ during my childhood days. A quiet little girl who I was before, but become a friendly person, loves to laugh, and someone who got a good sense of humor now. Being a family type of person, my only son (so far) and family are the priority of my life. A simple person yet very imaginative and always thinks outside the box. Have that sensitive and emotionally part in me, I can get touched and cried easily over a simple matter. However, I am a strong person inside. I love anything that involves art but surprisingly I took challenge to be a science student and grad in Computer Engineering. I was once work as an Engineer, Account Executive and now here I am; a Children Photographer. Finally I’ve found what suit me well. :-)

CGP: When did you start calling yourself a photographer?

EOG: Honestly, I hardly called myself a photographer at 1st because I thought it was just my hobby and passion. I think I didn’t deserve to be called such title because of lack of knowledge & experience, beside I was just a part-timer. I had my very 1st client in 2007. Even though I’ve taken quite lots of portraiture jobs at that time, I only had the confidence to call myself a Photographer when I decided to quit my previous job and doing Photography full time and seriously turned my passion into a career and devote all my heart into photography since that. It was in January 2008. Now, I’m proud to call myself a Children Photographer. :-)

CGP: Who's your inspiration?

EOG: My no. 1 inspiration is definitely my son. Anything he does in his life are very special to me and it gives me ideas and new inspirations each day by just looking at him. Talking about professionals, I have too many of inspirations to be listed here. But the main one are Carrie Sandoval and Jodie Otte for newborns, Audrey Woulard, Barb Uil, and Kathy Wolfe for babies, kids & teens, & Tara Whitney for family portraits. I love the soulful images that have been shown in each of their works.

CGP: What other things you'd love to do besides photographing people?

EOG: I love to do activities with my son and family. Anything can be, from relaxing at our home, watching movies, and doing outdoor activities such as picnic, swimming, etc. I also love interior design and love to decorate my home. I also enjoy hanging out with my best friends and having playdates with our kids. Oh! Did I tell you I love singing too?

CGP: What do you think of Creative Genius Printables? *wink*

EOG: CGP is owned by someone who is naturally talented and gifted and wants to share her creativity & vision with people out there by producing a very unique kind of party products that are very suitable for all occasions or even for personal use. Me myself had many clients who use their service and all I can say is CGP did a very great job in providing their clients with a high quality material in their products, customized design, cute and variety types of prints and designs and it is different from others in the market. As a photographer, I found CGP’s stuffs are very eye-catching and one of ‘yummylicious’ things to photograph other than the birthday kids! If you’re after something, especially for party supplies, I recommend you to browse thru all CGP’s works & designs. You will fall in love with them instantly!

Thank you EOG for your time! Now we leave our reader with some of EOG's remarkable photos.

Not enough? Rush to EOG's website now for some eye-candy. Those amazing photos will definitely melt your heart away! You won't regret hiring this talented person to be your photographer to document every single precious moment of yourlife. That's for sure!

Friday, December 17, 2010

First Giveaway!

ENDING SOON!! Comment will close on Tuesday, 21st Dec 10:00am

Our first year end giveaway is a RM100 discount voucher on ala-carte custom design fee. Choose any design in our ala-carte menu and RM100 will be deducted from the total! You also receive a 10% discount on printing and finishing fee should you decide to print with us.


Just be a RANDOM COMMENTOR to this post. As simple as that!!
(1 comment per commentor, please) So everybody will get equal chance to win! ;)
Don't forget to include your emails please!
Comment open between 17 Dec 2010 until 20th Dec 2010.

The winner will be announced on 24th Dec 2010.
Note: This voucher is not transferable and may not turn into cash. Any balance will not be refunded. If total is more than RM100, client must pay the balance. Validity period from 01 Jan 2011 until 30 June 2011.

Ala-Carte Printable

Are you a mother who is lack of skill and time to design personalised party prints for your children?
Are you an event planner but lack of digital design skills?
Are you a baker but lack of time to design cute topper and wrapper for your customer?

Apart from package service(design & printing) that we offer, we can also cater for design service only. This type of service is suitable for those who are not afraid of knife, scissors and glue! For those who want to save on printing, you can choose to buy just the printable design and print using your own inkjet or laser jet printer. You may want to use matte photo paper instead of cheap simili or card stock to get more or less the same quality of our printed product. Discount will be given when you order 3 or more ala-carte printables.

Promotion: From 17 Dec-31st Dec 2010. receive 10% discount when you order our ala-carte printable!