Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Product

New product in the house!!!

My mind is constantly thinking on new products to introduce to people. (well, I'm a crafter by nature.) I love making personalised thing truly personalised in the sense that it won't be something that you can simply grab at the store. When people look at it, they know that it was cater personally for you. I love making something to look good and more presentable. Whenever I was sitting on the passenger seat, I would have paper on my hand and that was when my creative process begin (well, that's the only time that I can really sit and think!) So that's basically 30-1 hr minutes journey to work and another 30-1hr minutes journey coming home. Arrived home, spent quality time with the children until they went to bed. Then it's time to materialize my thinking until 2am in the morning. So when people ask where did I find time to do all these? I said I make time for it. I rarely watch tv and I focus in my work. To make this as a part time job is crazy & tiring in deed but I don't make excuse for something that I really really love doing! *wink*

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tea Sachet Cover

I think I'm more a crafter rather than a business woman that I don't mind spending my precious hours thinking on how to produce something beautiful... something that people won't simply throw away. So when a customer came to me and asked me to come up with some packaging for a girl's tea party, so I said "Why not get a mug for each of the girls and I'll make a tea sachet cover to go with that?" She agreed!

So, this is how the tea sachet cover looks like. It made of cardstock & scrapbook pattern paper. I made nested label in curly bracket shape and stamp the phrase on it. I attached ribbon at the front and the back of the cover. Inside, I put up sleeve so the tea sachet would go perfectly in it. As I made this cover, I thought it would be nice it I make this as small notebook cover! I can slip the back cover of the note book into the sleeve. When you finish with all pages, you can slip that out and replace with the new one!

Custom made design & printed version cover to go with your themed party is also available. e-mail creativegeniusprintables@gmail.com for quote!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

CGP Freebies!

Father's Day is celebrated to honor the fathers-for their selfless love, sacrifice and everything they do for us. It is a token of expression of our love and affection towards them. In USA, UK, Canada and most parts of the world(including Malaysia) father's day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. Father's Day 2010 is falling on 20th June this year. The celebration is just around the corner and I still haven't prepared anything for it! Being me, I still want to give a personal touch to everything I make. As usual, I make these tags to wrap around the gift or simply paste in onto a card. So I thought I would share my creation with you all! Please do not put this on you site. Share this with as many people as you like by directing them to my blog instead.

You can also make these as your cupcake topper! Download this and print as many as you like.
Download here: (Download only available until 21st June 2010)

and if you like them, please leave some love at the comment box. I really appreciate it!

Thank you and have a nice day!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Introductory Discount Coupon

To enjoy this discount, please place your order by 30th June 2010. Use code: CGP02012010 when placing your order. Discount applies to all CGP™ designs(except for professional logo) and selected printed item (mostly all except for banners lah..) Discount is not available for delivery (postal charges) and not to be used in conjunction with any other promotion. No minimum order required.

So, what are you waiting for? If you wanna get the taste of CGP™ for just ANY occasion, place your order now to enjoy this discount!

E-mail: creativegeniusprintables@gmail.com

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Party Favours & Treat Bags

A party favour is a small gift given to the guests at a party as a gesture of thanks for their attendance, a memento of the occasion, or simply as an aid to frivolity. So, when we talk about party planning, party favor or goodie bag or treat bag or whatever you call it will be part of it. CGP™ can always cater to this need according to your budget and we love making everything personalised with our custom made design so your party will become more memorable!

This is a set of handmade card & handmade paper bag. For cheaper option, you can always choose to buy our ready made paper bag and we can make the label for you.

These are some favours using take away/ lunch paper bag with our custom made tags. You can choose to buy with or without the ribbon. Price of the ribbon varries depending on its material, size and length.

We can make labels & tags in various size and shape. So just drop us your requirement and we'll work it out for you!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

LOGO Design & Branding

My husband was a professional graphic designer before he does management stuff. So it is quite a 'waste' when he doesn't make full use of his skills and talents, no? So, I decide to give him a job by offering client a Professional LOGO designs. All LOGOs are created using Illustrator and will be given in vector and high quality PDF format. Please note these are professional LOGO intended for a small company(enterprise). Price starts at RM300 with free name card design.

Don't be afraid as we also offer logo for home-business too! Logo will be created in illustrator using text & basic shapes only (no illusttration of images etc). Client will be given few samples so they choose which one suits them best. Price starts at RM150 with free name card design and blog header design. This can be used for your packaging label, fabric labels and also tags.

OK. For some of you, LOGO is not that important but you need to represent yourself by using your blog header. We do offer custom made blog header from as low as RM50. Blog header will be created using Photoshop at 72dpi. (Size varries depending on the client blog template.) Please note, this header is not your logo but you can use it as your packaging label or usage.

Please note that blog header using chic style design will be charged RM100. Like the above and below.

If you have a scrapbook kit that you want to utilize as your blog header, then just send us the kit and we will work out a header for you at the price of RM30

If you want your header to be created using scrapbook kit and you want us to buy it for you, then you need to pay the price of the kit + RM30 design fee.

These type of blog header (using scrapbook kit) is intended for personal use only.

So, if need to rebrand or simply have a new look & feel of your blog, just email us for the final quote.

E-mail: creativegeniusprintables@gmail.com

Have a nice day!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Welcome to CGP™

You plan to host a party and looking some designs to match your theme? Why not custom made your theme so your party will become more memorable? Creative genius Printables can help you to design printable that will suit perfectly for your party at affordable price!!

Take the custom made package for the price of RM100(custom made design fee for all items listed below) and RM120 for the final printed product consists of:
  • 20 invitation cards + envelopes (A5 size-one sided)
  • 40 favour tags(2.5" wide)
  • 40 cupcake toppers (nested with toothpick stick)
  • 40 mineral water labels
  • 10 food labels with sticks and ribbon (4" wide)
You can always request custom made design for a single item and the fee starts from RM30 for each item (please note that custom made design fee for banner & packaging like cupcake wrapper, popcorn box & handmade paper bags start at RM50).

and remember, there's no minimum order but here in CGP™ THE MORE YOU BUY THE MORE YOU CAN SAVE!

Turnaround Time:
Please note that you have to place your order at least 3-4 weeks (depending on the number of item) before delivery date. Rush order ( less than 2 weeks) is acceptable with additional fee.

Get the latest update by joining our facebook page here.

Contact: +6012 200 8053
email: creativegeniusprintables@gmail.com
or layoutgoddess@gmail.com

PreMade Design

If you can't think of anything special or having an impromptu party without having theme in mind, you can always choose from one of our premade designs. The variation of these pre made designs will be added from time to time.

Party Printables:

These pre made design comes in one affordable package and also available separately. Package includes:
  • 20 invitation cards + envelopes (A6 size-one sided)
  • 40 favour tags(2.5" wide)
  • 40 cupcake toppers (nested with toothpick stick)
  • 40 mineral water labels
  • 10 food labels with sticks and ribbon (4" wide)

PRICE : RM150 per package.

Pre Made Tags

Turnaround Time:
Please note that you have to place your order at least 2 weeks (depending on the number of item) before delivery date. Rush order ( less than a week) is acceptable with additional fee.

E-mail to creativegeniusprintables@gmail.com the design code and all the details like the name, the birthday details, date, contacts and the name of the food you'd like to print on the card.

Print & Cut Series

Print & Cut series is a digital template so you can get your hands dirty by making by making hybrid projects. Buy once and print as many as you like for your own personal use. Make gift more personalised and more memorable!

Released date: 13.05.2010
An envelope template with 2 paper designs in a separate PDF format. (Tags are not included)

Tag for father's day. released date 6 June 2010
Price: RM15

Email: creativegeniusprintables@gmail.com to order yours now. (Final product is a digital file in high quality PDF format)