Friday, December 17, 2010

First Giveaway!

ENDING SOON!! Comment will close on Tuesday, 21st Dec 10:00am

Our first year end giveaway is a RM100 discount voucher on ala-carte custom design fee. Choose any design in our ala-carte menu and RM100 will be deducted from the total! You also receive a 10% discount on printing and finishing fee should you decide to print with us.


Just be a RANDOM COMMENTOR to this post. As simple as that!!
(1 comment per commentor, please) So everybody will get equal chance to win! ;)
Don't forget to include your emails please!
Comment open between 17 Dec 2010 until 20th Dec 2010.

The winner will be announced on 24th Dec 2010.
Note: This voucher is not transferable and may not turn into cash. Any balance will not be refunded. If total is more than RM100, client must pay the balance. Validity period from 01 Jan 2011 until 30 June 2011.


  1. Love your work! And good luck to me =P

  2. Love all the creative printable :)
    cute & sweet, love them all..
    especially for d kid stuff.
    keep up d good work :)

  3. Hye, im a b2b. Love your work! hopefully, im the lucky one! Pick me, please!


  4. Hi,
    want to try my luck for my daughter birthday.
    your stuff is awesome
    want to enjoy it, eventhough i not get lucky to win.
    Anyway thanks for making your customer happy:)

  5. Hi zatul..
    you know i LOVEEEEE your work very much!!
    i already promoted this page to all my friends in my workplace :p
    never fail to read this page everyday haha!
    your loyal customer :)

  6. mudah2an ada rezeki ;p...

  7. I'm ur new customer but i love all ur amazing work... keep up da good work...!!

  8. hye,
    try my luck!!

  9. I was blog-hopping while looking for a cute+ sweet baby stuffs for my upcoming baby shower when I found YOU!=).

    I'm sharing this to all mommy-to-be in my blog since your stuffs are sooooo cute I can't resist!=p. and I'm hoping that all mommy-to-be share the same excitement as I do too!=)

  10. nak cuba doter 4th birthday is coming up this feb 2011. Hope i'm the lucky one. ^_^

  11. trying my luck jugak!!! ;)

  12. Hai,

    I joined your GA..

    Love what you're doing..

    *crossing my fingers* *wink*


    p/s: do visit my blog k.. =)

  13. a creative designs for mothers who loveeeeeeeeeee cute lil stuff...just like me.. i like it..

  14. can count me in?

  15. This is definitely random as I found your blog completely by random!


  16. cute stuff!
    good luck to me :)

  17. Trying my luck =)

  18. superb!

    ~serius tak tipu.. colournya bebetul ceria & sungguh kreatif.

  19. count me in..
    love it..

  20. try my luck..

  21. nak mencuba disini..
    hope me luck

  22. Everything is so creative!.. I'm in ♥ with ur prints.. :)

    Try my luck..♥

  23. hopefully,im the chosen one..aminn..

  24. I want to try... for my incoming birthday... hahahhaha...

  25. Pengalaman I yang baru 3x throw besday party for my son.

    First year objective party just nak my son happy. Pikir2 kat mana venue nak wat party, tak nak party tu jadi mcm kenduri jek, mak bapak yang suka2 makan, budak2 tiup lilin, the end. Nothing!! No! no!. So with min. experience we end up pilih McDonalds. So lets Mc'D cater for everything. With game, food and cake(printable Batman), quest, kids and my son of coz happy to the max.

    Second year, tetiba rasa tired of the common besday party venue. I try kat Kidzsport n gym. Budak2 enjoy the playland. Tapi I rasa mcm tak puas hati, sebab tak ramai budak so Kidzsport tak nak conduct games. So fully 2 hours spent in the playland.

    Third year, lesson learnt, Dah tau tempat best. I invite ramai budak, I order cake ikut design yang I nak, asyik2 cake dgn printable Batman jek. Dan yang tu jek Secret Recipe bule buat (masa tu la, skrg dah mcm2 dah, tapi still tak kena theme gak) I google cari pinata, I search birthday favors. Wah penin2. susah nyer, looking for the best birthday gift ever.

    As Feb 2011, approaching, I dah start pening kepala. Been to the mall for hours, tapi seems as if its all just been done before...
    Al-maklum, nak jemput same guest, same kids, takkan same old treats. Tambah pulak, my son still nak buat kat tempat yang sama, dah 3 tahun, mmg guest dah bule hafal sume dah. Luckily, I found ur blog...personalized printable gifts and keepsake. Kurang cket pening paler I.

  26. Thank you for those who spend their time commenting in our giveaway entry. We really appreciate your interest and support. One lucky winner will be announce on 24th Dec 2010. Will use random generator to pick the winner!