Friday, July 30, 2010

Party Theme: Little Red Riding Hood Party

I have to say that this is by far my favourite party design! I just love the idea of transforming the character in a story book into real life party! This party set consists of food label/topper, prints for the photo frames, cookies wrappers, favours tags, lawn sign & mask.

The sign does look good for the background as well, don't you think?

*Credit to EOG for the beautiful photo.

Lawn sign is made using solid wood with solid frame edge. Available in white & wood colour.
Price for the lawn sign RM70.00 without the poster.
Price for the lawn sign with the A3 size poster = RM90.00
Price for just the A3 poster = RM38.00 (please add RM2 for glossy or matte laminate)

You can sew a cape for the lil red riding hood but you hardly sew a wolf so, have a custom made mask as alternative.

Custom made mask.
RM4.50 for each mask (approximately A4 size) + RM15 for each character design fee.

Do you have your favourite story to be transformed into a real-life party? Well, in CGP your imagination is our realization!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Party Theme: Doggy Gone Party!

I have no limitation on what I can design. However, it's is quite challenging to do a theme which is not custom to your own culture but since there's a theme colours for it so it is kind of easy for me to go creative. It's a pink & brown party theme with a prominent character which is a female puppy for my non-muslim customer.

Food topper in assorted shape (come with stick & ribbon)

Topper bouquet for deco, jar labels, small stickers for other goodie item and other prints for deco.

Chocolate wrapper. This one specifically for toblerone chocolate.

Name banner. Depending on what you plan do deco for your party, you can always request in any shape (max is 4.2" scallop circle) with or without ribbon.

Prints for deco (prints for the frame, topper bouquet, HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY banner (comes with ribbon) and the choc wrapper.

and as you can see from the previous entry, goodie bag in white take away paper bag with pink handle & label.

I'm sure your party will be outstanding with all these cute & adorable design like this!!

Contact us now to order yours!

Friday, July 23, 2010

New Product: Goodie Bag

I simply love creating something. To me, there's no point of custom made design if you can get the same thing in the store, right? So, for those who are willing to spend and to have something custom made to show how special your guests are, I have a new goodie bag design for you!

This goodie bag is made using the take away lunch paper bag. The colour of the oval handle varies depending on your preferences. You can also opt to have scallop oval handle (meant for girls) and solid oval handle (for boys and even for girls).

Approximate size: 6" wide X 10" height X 3" depth. The height of the bag can be shortened however the price is just the same.

This is a picture of me holding the bag where I put one box containing a glass mug. We use cardstock as the handle border so it helps the bag to hold the weight you put in it. Thus, it's pretty durable. Actually the paper can be more durable than paper bag itself but since we have a hole as the handle the durability may decrease as we afraid the handle will tear off if too heavy (heavier than your normal size of glass mug) stuff were to put in it. So if you were to throw some party item for the kids like the candies, balloons, some colouring pencils and notebook, I don't see it as much of a problem.

I would also suggest for you to add a base of corrugated cardboard as the base so the bottom will remain flat when heavy stuff were to put in it.

Price for 30 pcs and above = RM1.70 with your choice of coloured handle and 3.5" custom made label(without the corrugated cardboard base).

Please add RM0.10 for each bag for the corrugated cardboard base if you need it.

Any order lower than 30 pcs will be calculated based on our cost margin.

Any further infomation, please don't hesitate to contact us at:

Monday, July 12, 2010

The a-cut-above Tags

I love tags! I saw something in it which is hard to explain but I love them so very much! You can paste it as a label on your goodie bag or jars, you can tie them on your favours or make them as your deco!

This is our famous shape for tags. It's scallop circle in 2.5".

Oh, we have many many many other shapes in many sizes as well ranging from 1.5" up till 4.

These tags are all custom made and we create only beautiful and adorable designs for you and we promise to give the best price for it. Also come in pre-made design (design will be made available once you confirm). And at CGP, the more you buy, the more you save!

Custom made design fee = RM30.00
Printing & finishing fee starts at RM8.00 for a minimum of 8 pcs (depending on the shape and the size of your tags. The smaller, the more it fits into the template.

Please contact us and order your tags.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cupcake Toppers & Wrappers

Need a quick fix to decorate your own yummilicious cupcakes? Why not try these adorable cupcake toppers with matching wrappers?

Available shapes for the cupcake toppers (available in wide range of colours):
  1. Square (1.5")
  2. Mickey head (printed design on the circle 1.5" diameter) 2" Tall
  3. Mickey head with embossed Mickey picture (1.5" diameter 2" tall)
  4. Scallop circle (1.5" diameter)
  5. Circle (1.5" diameter)
We can cater design for all sorts of occasion from birthdays, Aqiqah, wedding, Showers, Hari Raya and everything! No minimum order but the more you buy the cheaper the price is.

These toppers & wrappers are all custom made design and we can assure that we give the best price in town!

PRICE FOR THE CUPCAKE TOPPER(inclusive custom made design fee) :
RM30.00 for the first 30 pcs (just add RM15 for the next 30 pcs)

RM35.00 for 2 custom made wrapper design + RM10 for every 5 pcs printing & finishing fee


Contact us now for more info:

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Party Prints for Decorations

It's interesting to see the evolution of a birthday party from a simple celebration of blowing up the candle up till creating the fantasy into a reality. I feel that having a couple of people to come over and celebrate the special day with you would simply make anybody smile. A smile of gratefulness that God still let you breath the air and that you're surrounded by people who still care. In return you try to make your party as cozy and as fun as possible for all your guests. One way of doing so is by creating the mood with all your decorations which include the cakes, foods, desserts, goodies ..just to name a few.

So, here's a sample of deco I made for a customer who wanted a lady bug party for her lil girl. The theme colour is red-green-white. You can make this as your centerpiece or just simply put it on your decoration table.

and when I see this, an idea just popped in my head. I might do a lil project to decorate my boy's room. It's really in big mess now. I might need to take a break to rearrange their room and make deco from my prints!

So why not have one that match your kid's theme and when the party is over take them to the kid's room for decoration?

Price will be varies from one style to another. We can also work within your budget. Let us know how much you're willing to spend and we will make the best of it to come up with beautiful decoration! You can also order only the prints so you can decorate them using your own frame and stuff.

Combo Price for five(5) toppers (1 in 3"scallop circle and 4 in 2.5"scallop circle) to make as bouquet + one(1) jar label + one( 1) 5"X7" and two (2)6"X4" prints for the frame (inclusive custom made design):

Friday, July 2, 2010

Memopad/ Notepad Cover

I love collecting notebooks. So whenever I saw one that was interesting I would simply buy. Most of the time I won't use it sbb sayang tee-hee! The other day when I went to MPH, I saw this long notebook that say "live well, laugh often, love much!" cool eh but it didn't have any cover and it costs RM5.50. I bought it and thinking that I can make a cover for it (well, I'm a crafter, that's what a crafter will do!).

Last weekend when I made the tea sachet cover, I mentioned that the cover could be a notebook cover as well. So, I made this sample (actually my son wanted one after he saw the one I made above.) I used memopad and simply sticked it to the cover (you can't simply take it away and unable to replace a new one when finish).

This is perfect as a favour to your guest. You can also request for a sleeve like here if you want to make the cover reusable over time. The design is custom made so printed version of the cover is always available.

and if you find some notebooks that need a cover, you can order just the cover from us. Just let us know the dimension of the notebook and we will work it out for you.