Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Product

New product in the house!!!

My mind is constantly thinking on new products to introduce to people. (well, I'm a crafter by nature.) I love making personalised thing truly personalised in the sense that it won't be something that you can simply grab at the store. When people look at it, they know that it was cater personally for you. I love making something to look good and more presentable. Whenever I was sitting on the passenger seat, I would have paper on my hand and that was when my creative process begin (well, that's the only time that I can really sit and think!) So that's basically 30-1 hr minutes journey to work and another 30-1hr minutes journey coming home. Arrived home, spent quality time with the children until they went to bed. Then it's time to materialize my thinking until 2am in the morning. So when people ask where did I find time to do all these? I said I make time for it. I rarely watch tv and I focus in my work. To make this as a part time job is crazy & tiring in deed but I don't make excuse for something that I really really love doing! *wink*

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