Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tea Sachet Cover

I think I'm more a crafter rather than a business woman that I don't mind spending my precious hours thinking on how to produce something beautiful... something that people won't simply throw away. So when a customer came to me and asked me to come up with some packaging for a girl's tea party, so I said "Why not get a mug for each of the girls and I'll make a tea sachet cover to go with that?" She agreed!

So, this is how the tea sachet cover looks like. It made of cardstock & scrapbook pattern paper. I made nested label in curly bracket shape and stamp the phrase on it. I attached ribbon at the front and the back of the cover. Inside, I put up sleeve so the tea sachet would go perfectly in it. As I made this cover, I thought it would be nice it I make this as small notebook cover! I can slip the back cover of the note book into the sleeve. When you finish with all pages, you can slip that out and replace with the new one!

Custom made design & printed version cover to go with your themed party is also available. e-mail for quote!

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