Tuesday, June 8, 2010

LOGO Design & Branding

My husband was a professional graphic designer before he does management stuff. So it is quite a 'waste' when he doesn't make full use of his skills and talents, no? So, I decide to give him a job by offering client a Professional LOGO designs. All LOGOs are created using Illustrator and will be given in vector and high quality PDF format. Please note these are professional LOGO intended for a small company(enterprise). Price starts at RM300 with free name card design.

Don't be afraid as we also offer logo for home-business too! Logo will be created in illustrator using text & basic shapes only (no illusttration of images etc). Client will be given few samples so they choose which one suits them best. Price starts at RM150 with free name card design and blog header design. This can be used for your packaging label, fabric labels and also tags.

OK. For some of you, LOGO is not that important but you need to represent yourself by using your blog header. We do offer custom made blog header from as low as RM50. Blog header will be created using Photoshop at 72dpi. (Size varries depending on the client blog template.) Please note, this header is not your logo but you can use it as your packaging label or usage.

Please note that blog header using chic style design will be charged RM100. Like the above and below.

If you have a scrapbook kit that you want to utilize as your blog header, then just send us the kit and we will work out a header for you at the price of RM30

If you want your header to be created using scrapbook kit and you want us to buy it for you, then you need to pay the price of the kit + RM30 design fee.

These type of blog header (using scrapbook kit) is intended for personal use only.

So, if need to rebrand or simply have a new look & feel of your blog, just email us for the final quote.

E-mail: creativegeniusprintables@gmail.com

Have a nice day!!


  1. Salam,

    Saya berminat design blog header awak.
    Hrp ble pm saya secepat mungkin.

  2. Salam,

    I really like your work but I'm located in UAE.Is it possible you can design me a logo and I can send you the payment.

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