Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Introducing CGP Party Wear Basic Package

All this while we design our custom made party prints based on what the customer need. The lists are unlimited since it is going to be your party so you know what you need and how many you need. There are also some people who still in the stage of planning and they still don't have any idea on what to have for the party. These people usually will ask for a package price. So, today we introduce our partywear basic package that consists of the following(please click the image for a bigger version) at a very competitive price if you compare the type design we have produced and the high quality prints (since we used vector graphics so the chances for the design to get pixelated is zero"0":))
This price is valid until 31st December 2010.

to place your order or to get further information.

No substitution of item and the quantity is allowed. Modification of item and its quantity will be treated as normal custom made order following our price and therefore new quotation will be sent for your approval.

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