Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Sale is ON!

I can't believe it's already October! My kid is busy with his graduation & concert and that means the school holidays is just around the corner! My kid is going to enter a primary school next year so I thought of preparing some goodies for the teachers and his classmates too since they may not be able to see each other everyday because everybody will go to different schools. and for us end of the year is all about party too! Do you have any event to celebrate during the school hols? If yes, then we want you to plan ahead and take this opportunity to save up! well, if you love our design that is *wink*

Only in the month of October the design fee will have starting price at RM20. (However this price does not apply to professional logo design for you company. Please refer here. )

We are retiring our Print& Cut series to make room for new design. So take this opportunity to buy our digital product at 50% from its original price!
Please refer here for list of Print&cut series.

We also have few premade designs for those who's too busy to take part in the design process. Take the design as it is and send your details to us for personalisation. Please refer here for the sample design made.

Now, for the weekend deal!

Choose any design or theme from designs we made for our previous clients and send us your details for personalisation. This offer valid for this weekend and orders must be made by 3rd October 2010.

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