Friday, October 15, 2010

Weekend Deal #2!

Sorry for the lack of update! Many things happened last week that our routine went chaotic! We took time to reorganise to make sure that all orders can be delivered right on time. There are still pending jobs and it was all our bad. When it comes to our kids health, everything else will come second. I will put everything behind until my kids are up and running again. I don't mind people telling that I didn't know how to manage my time but my kids deserved 100% of my attention especially when they were sick. I am happy that they are as fit as a fiddle so I can continue with designing without too much worries.

I'm sorry that I have no pictures to share at the moment. We didn't managed to snap finished project because we were so lack of time and by the time it was finished, it straight away delivered to our customer. There are few pics which is still in the CF card and hopefully I can download all them this weekend and show it to you.

So back to our weekend deal! Take a chance to grab these goodie bag for the price of Rm0.90 each! Please make your order by Monday, 18th Oct to receive this special price!

Good while stock last!

Have a nice weekend!!


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