Saturday, November 6, 2010

Party Theme: Butterfly Kisses!

I have to confess that every time I create a party set for our customers, it's going to be my favourite! I never thought I could make a layout as sweet as this one considering that we don't have any daughter! I felt so thrilled to be given a chance to make one especially when it turned out as sweet & beautiful as this one. Wouldn't you agree?

This time, the theme is Butterfly kisses where the motif is centered around butterflies with a great hint of pink.

The party sets include invitations, cupcake toppers with matching cupcake wrappers, party hats, food toppers/labels, goodie bags with labels and A3 signage on coloured mounting board.

All about butterflies!

Here's some eye-candy!(Click on the image for a bigger display)

More and more butterflies weeeee!!!

You want one for your party? Don't hesitate to contact us as we are here to serve you. Please note that turn around time for custom made party set is at least 3 weeks and we only accept limited number of order for 1 particular week. Can't expect us to make 20 custom made parties at one go, do you? *wink*


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