Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wedneday Features: Anna CM the Cake Designer

What's a birthday without a cake?? Browsing through websites, I saw many many and many cakes, cupcakes & other desserts available with amazing design. Those are cakes for birthdays, weddings, showers and other important events in our lives. Today's Wednesday feature I bring you our famous cake designer, Anna from Bake Freshly! Get to know Anna and read our interview with her.

CGP: Hi, Anna. Tell us briefly about yourself.
ANNA: I'm a mother to 4 years old daughter. currently I'm a full time cake designer.

CGP: When did you start calling yourself a cake designer?
ANNA: start to call myself as cake designer since last year because i found it is much more nice to say rather than call urself as cake maker. after all, yes i am a cake designer =)

CGP: Who's your inspiration?
ANNA: alot! i adore & admire anne from pinkcakebox and su yin from delectable.

CGP: What other things you'd love to do besides baking?
ANNA: absolutely cooking & reading!

CGP: What do you think of Creative Genius Printables? *wink*
ANNA: CGP produce such a creative artwork and i love all of them!

Here's some of Anna's favourite design that she made with her own bare hands!

Yeay! It's my sons' cake! Tee-hee!

So, if you are thinking about parties and is looking for a perfect cake for it, we recommend you Bake Freshly. (We just ordered one for our event!). You get amazing design at affordable rate too! Visit her website now and let's drool over her cakes!

So stay for next week Wednesday features, we will bring you a kids photographer!

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