Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday Features: KC the Kids Photographer!

It's Wednesday again so it means I will introduce you to someone very important in a party! I am bringing you a very renowned photographer that I've know for almost 6 years! This remarkable mom of three has a really deep passion for photography from the first day I know her. It didn't take long until she ventures into photography business and produces really amazing shots of her clients. There's always a story to tell from each and every moment that she managed to capture.

So, here's the interview with our very own KC of thelittleBIGShots!

CGP: Tell us briefly about yourself.
KC: A mom of two, who accidentally got into photography after taking so many photos of her two lovely daughters and love the joy and fulfillment from doing so.

CGP: When did you start calling yourself a photographer?
KC: Started taking it seriously in 2007 when there were demands from family and friends for birthday and family portraitures.

CGP: Who's your inspiration?
KC: My biggest inspiration would be Anne Geddes, (used to ccollect her calendars) but never yet attempted to do anything adventurous like hers.

CGP: What other things you'd love to do besides photographing people?
KC: I love to document people's lives, and lately found myself into videography using DSLR, so much more can be captured and treasured. You can get motion, sounds and priceless memories at the same time. And i also love to do digital scrap booking, another great way to keep photos organized and memories alive.

CGP: What do you think of Creative Genius Printables? *wink*
KC: A great way to help busy moms out there to have that special something for their loved ones' birthdays or any special occasions. And i really do think all the products are just too cute for words!

Here's some of the amazing shots from her.

There are totally amazing, I must say!! So, if you are looking for photographer specializing in kids for you formal event or birthday party, then I would totally recommend the LittleBIGShots for their professional and awesome service. Their layouts are also exceptionally incredible! Please browse through their website and bookmark it coz when you need a photographer, it's just going to be one click away!

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