Saturday, December 4, 2010

Party Theme: Circus Animal Party

This theme is inspired by party accessories and cutlery party set that one of my customer has. Because it is hard to get party wear from printables, accessories to cutlery here in Malaysia, my customer decides to commission us to create the party wear based on the character on their accessories so they can get all everything fall under the same theme!

Yes! If you have any theme or character that you'd like to have for your party, you can always ask us to incorporate it in our design. Just send us the image(even if it is not a hi-resolution photo, we will recreate the hi-resolution image) and we will work the layout for you. As simple as that!

So, here's some eye-candy for this theme party.

Images with small easel stand for deco.

5x7 inch prints in ikea white frame.

tent plcecard for menu.

A3 Signage on coloured mounting board.

Alphabet banner.

All custom made for your party!! You don't really need a party planner to have a thematic birthday for your children. You can always do this on your own. Simply commission us with any theme you want we to work and we will create the layout for all the things you need for your party! and then, everything is ready to be used and decorate by you on the precious day. Your party will definitely be the talk of the town and what's more satisfying is that you yourself IS THE PLANNER!

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  1. salam. kat mn sya boleh beli easal stand kecik tuh?