Friday, July 2, 2010

Memopad/ Notepad Cover

I love collecting notebooks. So whenever I saw one that was interesting I would simply buy. Most of the time I won't use it sbb sayang tee-hee! The other day when I went to MPH, I saw this long notebook that say "live well, laugh often, love much!" cool eh but it didn't have any cover and it costs RM5.50. I bought it and thinking that I can make a cover for it (well, I'm a crafter, that's what a crafter will do!).

Last weekend when I made the tea sachet cover, I mentioned that the cover could be a notebook cover as well. So, I made this sample (actually my son wanted one after he saw the one I made above.) I used memopad and simply sticked it to the cover (you can't simply take it away and unable to replace a new one when finish).

This is perfect as a favour to your guest. You can also request for a sleeve like here if you want to make the cover reusable over time. The design is custom made so printed version of the cover is always available.

and if you find some notebooks that need a cover, you can order just the cover from us. Just let us know the dimension of the notebook and we will work it out for you.

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