Friday, July 30, 2010

Party Theme: Little Red Riding Hood Party

I have to say that this is by far my favourite party design! I just love the idea of transforming the character in a story book into real life party! This party set consists of food label/topper, prints for the photo frames, cookies wrappers, favours tags, lawn sign & mask.

The sign does look good for the background as well, don't you think?

*Credit to EOG for the beautiful photo.

Lawn sign is made using solid wood with solid frame edge. Available in white & wood colour.
Price for the lawn sign RM70.00 without the poster.
Price for the lawn sign with the A3 size poster = RM90.00
Price for just the A3 poster = RM38.00 (please add RM2 for glossy or matte laminate)

You can sew a cape for the lil red riding hood but you hardly sew a wolf so, have a custom made mask as alternative.

Custom made mask.
RM4.50 for each mask (approximately A4 size) + RM15 for each character design fee.

Do you have your favourite story to be transformed into a real-life party? Well, in CGP your imagination is our realization!


  1. suke nye! sume2 design nampak sgt cantek. as ad a friend of friend yang nk wat gift card for her backery shop. boleh kan as rekemen? ;)

  2. Sure As! No problem! Thank you for your support. I really appreciate it!