Saturday, July 3, 2010

Party Prints for Decorations

It's interesting to see the evolution of a birthday party from a simple celebration of blowing up the candle up till creating the fantasy into a reality. I feel that having a couple of people to come over and celebrate the special day with you would simply make anybody smile. A smile of gratefulness that God still let you breath the air and that you're surrounded by people who still care. In return you try to make your party as cozy and as fun as possible for all your guests. One way of doing so is by creating the mood with all your decorations which include the cakes, foods, desserts, goodies ..just to name a few.

So, here's a sample of deco I made for a customer who wanted a lady bug party for her lil girl. The theme colour is red-green-white. You can make this as your centerpiece or just simply put it on your decoration table.

and when I see this, an idea just popped in my head. I might do a lil project to decorate my boy's room. It's really in big mess now. I might need to take a break to rearrange their room and make deco from my prints!

So why not have one that match your kid's theme and when the party is over take them to the kid's room for decoration?

Price will be varies from one style to another. We can also work within your budget. Let us know how much you're willing to spend and we will make the best of it to come up with beautiful decoration! You can also order only the prints so you can decorate them using your own frame and stuff.

Combo Price for five(5) toppers (1 in 3"scallop circle and 4 in 2.5"scallop circle) to make as bouquet + one(1) jar label + one( 1) 5"X7" and two (2)6"X4" prints for the frame (inclusive custom made design):

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