Sunday, July 25, 2010

Party Theme: Doggy Gone Party!

I have no limitation on what I can design. However, it's is quite challenging to do a theme which is not custom to your own culture but since there's a theme colours for it so it is kind of easy for me to go creative. It's a pink & brown party theme with a prominent character which is a female puppy for my non-muslim customer.

Food topper in assorted shape (come with stick & ribbon)

Topper bouquet for deco, jar labels, small stickers for other goodie item and other prints for deco.

Chocolate wrapper. This one specifically for toblerone chocolate.

Name banner. Depending on what you plan do deco for your party, you can always request in any shape (max is 4.2" scallop circle) with or without ribbon.

Prints for deco (prints for the frame, topper bouquet, HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY banner (comes with ribbon) and the choc wrapper.

and as you can see from the previous entry, goodie bag in white take away paper bag with pink handle & label.

I'm sure your party will be outstanding with all these cute & adorable design like this!!

Contact us now to order yours!

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